Lasers and the law

Is your clinic regulated?
Yes. We are legally required to Register with the Healthcare Commission who gave us the authority to Operate Advanced Fluorescent Technology and class38 and 4 lasers. Our Clinic is inspected by the Commission each year, and they determine whether our clinic abides by the high standards set down by the Government. This procedure ensures that patients receive proper treatment and after care.

Who performs the treatment?
Our medical practitioner is a full time General Practitioner and perform the treatment having been specifically trained to operate AFT and lasers. She have over ten years experience in treating patients with all types of skin conditions. Our Doctor's qualifications and training certificates are displayed at the clinic.

Tell me what will happen at my first visit?
On arrival at the Hampshire Laser Clinic you will have a consultation with our medical practitioner in private. You will be asked your medical history. All information will be kept confidential. After careful examination you will be given a full explanation of the treatment you require along with realistic expectations on the likely outcome following treatment. All patients are provided with written information about their treatment and the cost of such treatment. You are encouraged to ask questions.

Should you decide to undertake the treatment an appointment will be made for you at your convenience.

What is the cost?

The cost of each treatment varies. The cost is directly associated with the time it takes to treat certain areas. At the Hampshire Laser Clinic, we can offer very competitive and affordable laser treatments because we only use fast, state of the art lasers. Please use our contact form or call us on- 01420 52 00 33 (Bentley Clinic) or 01483 23 36 53 (Woking Clinic) for specific costs or general enquiries.







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