Lasers MYTHS

MYTH 1: Guarantees in laser hair removal.
It is impossible to predict the exact result a patient will achieve with laser hair removal, especially with regard to how many sessions a given individual will require. Many of the hair removal clinics, which guaranteed results, have gone out of business. Like most reputable medical practices, the most established laser hair removal clinics do not guarantee results.

MYTH 2: Discount laser hair removal clinics.
Established medical centres with excellent reputations do not discount their fees. Patients know their reputations and rely upon their experience and expertise. The same is true for laser hair removal. Consumers are advised, as with all forms of medical care, to seek the centre of highest quality, rather than lowest cost. Stand alone clinics who specialise in laser treatments, as opposed to operators who rent space in salons, can provide patients with the assurance of long term individual attention, experience and a trained, caring, professional staff.

MYTH 3: Laser hair removal limitation of effectiveness.
Contrary to the statements of those unfamiliar with this new technology, laser hair removal is effective when properly performed for the greatest majority of candidates. Non-responders are usually limited to those with blond or red hair.


Qualifications of laser hair removal personnel.
A laser clinic should be registered with the local health authority under the provisions of the Registered Homes act 1984. This act requires that a qualified laser operator can only perform treatment using laser.

Importance of experience in selecting a laser hair removal facility.
Experience is crucial in selecting the proper laser parameters to use for any given area for any individual patient. Centres with the most experience generally have the best results.

Tanning and laser hair removal.
Tanning and laser hair removal are not compatible. Tanning prior to the procedure will necessitate turning the power down, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

Adverse treatment reactions.
There are no adverse effects with the Polaris laser. Some patients may experience a slight reddening of the skin but this usually subsides within an hour or so.

Laser Hair Removal - Children
It is the policy of Hampshire Laser Clinic that we do not treat children under the age of 18 for hair removal unless there are prejudidal circumstances. We would require the presence of a parent or guardian and their written consent.

How to assess a laser hair removal facility.
Is the clinic registered with the local health authority? Is it a stand-alone centre specialising in laser treatments? Is the atmosphere professional? What type of laser does the clinic use?


The following comparison of the most commonly used laser hair removal equipment is based on publicly available information, technical data and interviews with customers and practitioners in the US and UK. During the past year it has become increasingly apparent that consumer satisfaction with laser hair removal treatments depends on many factors in addition to the type of laser used - laser technician training and experience, consumer expectations, skin type, hair colour etc.

Name Type of Laser Skin type Customer Feedback Speed Side Effects Overall
POLARIS long pulsed YAG 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Good Fast Few Good
Epilight / Aculight Pulsed light 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Poor Fast Many Poor
Epitouch Alexandrite 1, 2 Good Medium Some Good / med
Epitouch Ruby 1, 2 Medium Slow Some Poor
Light Age Alexandrite 1, 2, 3 Good Fast Few Good
Light Sheer Diode 1, 2, 3 Medium Fast Some Good
Plasmalight Pulsed light 1, 2, 3, 4 Good Slow Few Medium
Quartet Class 11 ALL Poor Medium Few Poor
Softlight Q switched YAG ALL Poor Fast Few Poor
Smart Epil YAG ALL Medium Medium Few Medium

Skin Types: 1= Very Fair 2= Fair 3= Medium 4= Asian 5= Dark 6= Very dark

What is the cost?

The cost of each treatment varies. The cost is directly associated with the time it takes to treat certain areas. At the Hampshire Laser Clinic, we can offer very competitive and affordable laser treatments because we only use fast, state of the art lasers. Please use our contact form or call us on- 01420 52 00 33 (Bentley Clinic) or 01483 23 36 53 (Woking Clinic) for specific costs or general enquiries.

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