Chemical Peeling and Manual dermabrasion are the traditional techniques for the treatment of a range of skin abnormalities. These procedures can be painful and rapid treatment is not always possible. Microdermabrasion therapy is not painful and does not require pre-treatment or topical anaesthesia. The real benefit is that after treatment, you are able to leave the Clinic with a clean and fresh sparkling tone, due to the regeneration of the epidermal cell structure.

Microdermabrasion treatment results

What is the procedure?
Microdermabrasion is a system that allows a jet of inert, natural mineral crystals to be vacuumed across the skin removing dead and damaged skin cells. The clinician uses a hand piece that directs the abrasive compound, passing it back and forth over the affected area, abrading it without heat, leaving you with blemish-free, soft, smooth, younger-looking and brighter skin.

How much penetration is possible?
The depth of treatment is determined by the speed of movement of the hand piece against the skin. The slower the handpiece passes the deeper the results.

What are the after affects of treatment?
The skin may feel tight as if it has been exposed to sun or wind. The skin should be well moisturised with proper products and a strong sunscreen, preferably 15spf or higher. Slight redness and swelling may develop, especially after a deeper treatment level during the removal of blemished or thicker skin. Healing time is longer with this deeper treatment but the results are worth waiting for.

What are some indications for a treatment of Microdermabrasion and what are its benefits?
The treatment is suitable for aged or sun damaged skin. Microdermabrasion polishes, softens and reduces fine lines on the face shown through facial expressions. Areas most concerned with fine lines and wrinkles are cheeks, forehead, and around the mouth. Treatments will smooth pigment changes like brown spots, pigmentation and melanosis. Acne skin is exfoliated with suctioning, unclogging pores and leaving the skin refreshed. Acne scars usually require 10 initial treatment visits leaving the skin polished and smoothed. Microdermabrasion enhances poor, dull, congested or thickened skin by gently resurfacing the superficial skin layers. Stretch marks can be significantly reduced, but may require a longer treatment course.

What is the cost?

The cost of each treatment varies. The cost is directly associated with the time it takes to treat certain areas. At the Hampshire Laser Clinic, we can offer very competitive and affordable laser treatments because we only use fast, state of the art lasers. Please use our contact form or call us on- 01420 52 00 33 (Bentley Clinic) or 01483 23 36 53 (Woking Clinic) for specific costs or general enquiries.

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